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Northwest Park: Residential component on deck


Todd Freemont-Smith, Nordblom’s vice president of mixed-use development, accompanied by attorney Robert Buckley of Reimer & Braunstein, made an informal presentation of the multi-family housing plan to the Planning Board prior to formally filing an application in late December. The public hearing for the project is slated to begin at the next Planning Board meeting on Jan. 17.

 “Fourth Ave. is the office gateway, Third Ave. is the retail gateway, and Second Ave. will be the residential gateway,” Smith said.

The proposed housing development is an apartment complex situated on a three-quarter acre piece of land with an enclosed courtyard and swimming pool and is designed by Boston architects Elkis Manfredi. It is made up of 200 units, of which 10 percent will be affordable housing, according to town bylaws.

The units will be primarily one- and two-bedroom apartments, with two or three studio apartments and also two or three three-bedroom apartments, said Smith. All will be rental properties.

When asked by Planning Board member Ernie Covino who Nordblom was marketing the apartments to, Smith said, “We did quite a bit of research on the multi-family housing market along Route 128. What we found is that 20 percent of our market will be made up of people who work at Lahey Clinic (which surprised us), 20 percent of people who work at Hanscom (which also surprised us), 20 percent empty nesters, 20 percent high tech workers, and…I’ll just say it 20 percent are divorced men.”

Although known to Burlington as primarily a commercial developer, the Nordblom Company has a multi-family management team and portfolio in place. For instance, Nordblom currently owns and manages two apartment complexes in the Coolidge Corner section of Brookline. The luxury apartment properties are the 1440 Beacon and Marion Square.