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Northwest Park tenant to relocate


BURLINGTON - As construction continues each day in Northwest Park, there are other types of activity taking place, such as tenants requesting to move to another part of the park because they’ve outgrown their current tenant space.

This was the case recently, as the Planning Board supported a minor engineering change request that will see the relocation of Foliage Software Systems from 168 Middlesex Turnpike to 10 and 20 North Avenue. This is an area of Northwest Park that is tucked in from the turnpike but it is a location that provides ample working space for the company.

Nordblom Senior Vice President of Development and Director of Mixed-Use Projects Todd Fremont-Smith informed the board that the company has grown to a point where they have to move out of their current 30,000 square foot building into two separate buildings (each is roughly 30,000 square feet) on 10 and 20 North Avenue.

The North Avenue locations are located in close proximity, essentially next to each other, as Foliage will be leasing both buildings and performing renovations on the properties as needed.

Part of the renovations entailed in the minor engineering change include renovating the lobby in the 20 North Ave. building, which is currently empty, putting in vertical granite curbing, and increasing the lot’s impervious area by about 3,600 square feet.

In order to add green space to the parking lot, the company is planning on pulling up a portion of the pavement in the parking lot and adding an allocated amount of green space on two islands.

“We are just moving some things around in Northwest Park,” said Fremont-Smith, noting that the plan is to refurbish the two North Avenue buildings so a campus-type environment becomes the setting for Foliage’s new property.

Foliage Software Systems

Foliage moved into 168 Middlesex Turnpike 12 years ago and now the software company has evolved to a point where more space is needed. The company works with companies comprised in the following industries: medical and life sciences, aerospace and defense, and industrial equipment.

They help clients develop critical insights necessary to develop products with a difference, and deliver the products their customers want, when they want them. As a product development company, they partner with their clients to address the business and technical challenges inherent in developing complex software-intensive systems.

Providing a full complement of engineering and consulting services aligned to real business needs--applied over the entire product lifecycle, Foliage enables companies to accelerate their product development efforts, and drive more predictability and productivity into their businesses.

Foliage is now considered a leading business entity in the North Avenue/4th Avenue area of Northwest Park, which is still in the process of being built up as tenants continue to vie to make that location their new home.

Planning Board member Paul Roth supported the move and is pleased to know that companies in Northwest Park have to move into larger buildings because of their success.

“I love hearing the news that a current occupant is doubling their footprint,” he said. “That bodes very well.”

Planning Board Chairman Paul Raymond commented on the great possibilities in the future for the 4th Avenue part of the park.

“I look forward to 4th Avenue and that area redeveloping,” he said. “I hope things keep going the way they are in terms of development in Northwest Park.”

The Planning Board unanimously supported the minor engineering change request.